Meet the cybercriminals of 2022

News Summary

  • The data extortion group, which first emerged a year earlier, quickly claimed a number of high-profile victims, including Okta, Microsoft, Nvidia and Samsung.While the gang once seemed invincible, a number of its members were arrested in March this year.
  • Researchers investigating the gang’s recent hacks said they believed the 16-year-old, who uses the online moniker “White” or “Breachbase,” was a leading figure in Lapsus$, and Bloomberg was able to track down the suspected hacker after his personal information was published online by rival hackers.
  • More than $1.5 billion in proceeds of crime, like ransomware and fraud, has been laundered through Tornado Cash to date, experts estimate.In August, the U.S government shared an image of a suspected Conti ransomware operator known as “Target,” the first time it has outed a major ransomware actor.
  • During a search of his home, law enforcement officials discovered and seized 719 bitcoin and $790,000 in Canadian currency.In a surprising yet anticlimactic conclusion to one of the government’s longest running cyber cases, the mystery of the notorious dark web drugs marketplace Silk Road’s missing billions was solved.
  • In November, U.S. federal agents said it found $3.36 billion worth of bitcoin that had been stashed in a popcorn can under the bathroom closet floorboards in the home of the hacker nearly a decade earlier.
  • Uber, which said it believed a hacker affiliated with Lapsus$ was responsible for the attack, was forced to take several of its internal tools offline while it expelled the hacker from its network.
Arrested, seized, doxed and detained. These are just some of the ways police and prosecutors around the world took down the biggest cybercrime operations of the year, even if it meant resorting to n [+11462 chars]