Inside Matrix, the protocol that might finally make messaging apps interoperable

News Summary

  • “We’re now seeing serious use of Matrix-based decentralized communications across or within the French, German, U.K, Swedish, Finnish and U.S governments, as well as the likes of NATO and adjacent organisations.”Back in May, open source enterprise messaging platform Rocket.Chat revealed that it would be transitioning to the Matrix protocol.
  • “Rather, our goal is to enable organizations to collaborate securely and connect with other organizations and individuals across the platforms of their choosing.”The Matrix protocol also supports non-native interoperability through a technique called “bridging,” which ushers in support for non-Matrix apps, including WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal.
  • “End-to-end encrypted platforms have to speak the same language from end-to-end,” he said.In a blog post published earlier this year to address encryption concerns, the Matrix Foundation suggested some workarounds, including having all the big gatekeepers switch to the same “decentralized end-to-end protocol” (i.e.
  • “It’s better to have the option to be able to get at your data in the first place, than be held hostage in a walled garden.”It’s worth noting that the Matrix protocol, while chiefly known for its presence in the messaging realm today, has other potential applications too.
  • Mastodon is powered by the open ActivityPub protocol and is built around the concept of the fediverse: a decentralized network of interconnected servers that allow different ActivityPub-powered services to communicate with each other.
  • The company has secured some big-name customers already such as Mozilla, which is using Element as a fully-managed service, while Element said that it signed a $18 million four-year deal with another (unnamed) company this year.
Interoperability and decentralization have been major themes in tech this year, driven in large part by mounting regulation, societal and industrial pressure, and the hype trains that are crypto and [+20049 chars]