Reflecting on a roller coaster year for robotics

News Summary

  • Given the time, resources and brain power involved in launching a robotics company, that’s especially applicable here.Once more big companies have determined their robotics strategies, expect them to get even more aggressive with acquisitions.
  • First, it reignited an important conversation around robotic form factors, and second, it reset a lot of expectations about what a robot is — and can be — in 2022.A dramatic firework display shoots out from Big Ben at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s eve.
  • As anticipated, the Amazon/iRobot deal announced back in August is facing exactly that.Far and away, the biggest bit of robotics news I missed during my time off was Intrinsic’s acquisition of Open Robotics.
  • Robotics has had the beginnings of a renaissance during that time, so it follows that it will have a bigger presence at the biggest consumer electronics show.To all of my fellow journalists covering the space, a word of warning: bad robots are nothing new.
  • Image Credits: Getty ImagesA few more things to watch out for:As someone said to me recently, it may feel like we’ve been doing this robotics thing forever, and certainly there were times when it felt like progress was moving at a glacial pace.
  • The future didn’t look exactly like any of us expected (futures have a way of doing that), but it’s here nonetheless.Labor is, of course, a big centerpiece to the robotics conversation.
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