Dont call it a refresh The 6 most adventurous laptop designs of 2022

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  • Instead, Lenovo popped a secondary, 800×1280 LCD next to the keyboard to create a laptop it claims is uniquely designed for multitasking.We haven't seen an ultrawide laptop since 2017's Acer Predator 21 X curved-screen gaming PC.
  • And for technology enthusiasts interested in developments that could change how we work, play, repair, and upgrade, it's imperative that PC makers be willing to take risks.The laptops below all tried something more adventurous than a components upgrade in 2022.
  • The 2022 ThinkBook, however, targets its stretched screen at workers obsessed with multitasking.The ThinkBook Plus Gen 3's smaller screen lets users do things like show thumbnails while working in Photoshop, use a calculator, and take notes.
  • We'll break down the groundbreaking designs, ideas, and capabilities these systems seek to deliver—and whether or not the risks they took paid off.Premium laptop shoppers are increasingly seeking screens with taller aspect ratios.
  • It's reminiscent of the ScreenPads that Asus has been using for a while in its touchpads and north of some laptops' keyboards but less advanced.The ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 is a fascinating exploration of the clamshell design that brought variety to laptop selection in 2022.
  • Since Gen 1, Lenovo's ThinkBook Plus laptops have been about offering PCs with features that push the envelope and provide over-the-top features that most could live without.But for the right user, the ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 presents a favorable way to work and organize multiple windows.
2 with 0 posters participatingIn a world of shiny clamshells and showy convertibles, laptop releases can feel repetitive. Some of the most successful, wellknown designs dont always see massive ov [+2949 chars]