Ars Technicas best video games of 2022

News Summary

  • All told, the games listed below will stick with us for a long time and speak highly of the game industry's continuing creativity and resilience.This year we chose to list our gaming picks in alphabetical order, with a single "Game of the Year" pick at the end.
  • It's also a chance for longtime fans to show their love for Zach and Tarn Adams, the brothers who have kept this crazy simulation running without ever actively selling the game.The new, commercial version of Dwarf Fortress released this year is much easier to dig than the old version.
  • These feature updated graphics, sound, and gameplay that takes advantage of decades of advances in game design and technology, giving old concepts fresh life for a new audience.
  • But that holiday rush was itself muted this year, thanks to delays of big-name franchises from Diablo to Starfield to The Legend of Zelda.That's led some commentators to call 2022 a "slow year" for a games industry still recovering from the development chaos of COVID.
  • For a start, quite possibly the most anticipated game of the year came out in March, well ahead of the usual holiday season rush of releases.
  • The relative lack of big-budget blockbusters allowed plenty of independent games a chance to shine, including those that made this list on the strength of brave new ideas in gameplay or storytelling.
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