Amples founder explains what it takes to scale EV battery swapping

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  • It also makes our stations, which are run robotically, more cost-effective, because you’re moving lighter modules instead of traditional packs.Secondly, Ample’s patent to allow modules to adjust to electrical characteristics of vehicles means we can work with OEMs without requiring any changes to the vehicle.
  • Ample provides modular battery swapping, which means you don’t swap the entire battery pack.
  • Today there are 1,400.We caught up with de Souza to talk about the implications of China’s investment in battery swapping, why scaling fast-charging infrastructure is a lot harder than we think and sought his advice on how hardware startups can scale while staying lean.
  • Are they plugged into a grid that’s not entirely run by coal?Billions of dollars have gone into developing batteries that can handle fast charges as well as chargers that can top up a vehicle in as little as 20 minutes.
  • Can you explain why that’s significant?There are two aspects to Ample’s modular battery swapping that are significant.
  • Automakers Nio and Geely, battery-swapping tech developer Aulton and oil producer Sinopec said this year they plan to build 24,000 swapping stations across China by 2025.
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