An EVplosion awaits in 2023, and itll be packed with tech

News Summary

  • Using tech like this, automakers will increasingly build digital twins of both their vehicles and their production facilities in order to simulate anything from software upgrades within the vehicle to crash tests to factory efficiencies.
  • “We’ll also continue to see high demand for convenience-based services like in-car payments, where consumers will have a credit card on file in their app that pays for everything automotive-related,” said White.On the backend, the software-defined vehicle will also dance with the metaverse.
  • General Motors, for example, will launch Ultifi early next year, its end-to-end vehicle software platform that promises OTA software updates, cloud connectivity and vehicle-to-everything communication.
  • But other automakers will come out with their own brands of impressive tech that will take care of more and more automated driving tasks.Earlier this year, autonomous vehicle company Argo AI shutdown after Ford and Volkswagen pulled their investments.
  • McKinsey predicts legacy automakers and EV startups will produce up to 400 new models by 2023.All the new models coming out will give Tesla a run for its money, predicts Shahar Bin-Nun, CEO of Tactile Mobility, an AV sensor tech company.
  • Rivian founder RJ Scaringe also said his company will focus on getting its own ADAS right.Meanwhile in China, XPeng is rolling out the G9 SUV with its XNGP software, which the company describes as a “full scenario” ADAS that promises to automate highway driving, city driving and parking tasks.
2022 was the year that electric vehicles entered the mainstream. Not everyone has one, but buying an EV no longer makes you an outlier. Driven by policy initiatives from governments and billions of d [+8667 chars]