Reports Employees at Chinese iPhone factory protest

News Summary

  • The city government suspended access to an industrial zone that surrounds the factory, which Foxconn has said employs 200,000 people.News reports said the ruling party had ordered “grassroots cadres” to fill in for Foxconn employees in Zhengzhou who left.
  • The city announced plans last week to build hospital and quarantine facilities for 250,000 people.Also Wednesday, Beijing opened a hospital in an exhibition center and suspended access to Beijing International Studies University was suspended after a virus case was found there.
  • This week, authorities reported China’s first COVID-19 deaths in six months.On Wednesday, the government reported 28,883 cases found over the past 24 hours, including 26,242 with no symptoms.
  • Videos on social media show residents tearing down barricades set up to enforce neighborhood closures.The ruling Communist Party promised this month to try to reduce disruptions by shortening quarantines and making other changes.
  • He assured them their demands would be met.Apple Inc. has warned deliveries of its new iPhone 14 model would be delayed due to anti-disease controls at the factory.
  • Frustration with restrictions in areas throughout China that have closed shops and offices and confined millions of people to their homes has boiled over into protests.
BEIJING (AP) Employees at the worlds biggest Apple iPhone factory have been beaten and detained in protests over contract disputes amid antivirus controls, according to employees and videos posted [+1607 chars]