Twitter tech glitches mount as staffers depart

News Summary

  • Between the lines: Many of the warnings about Twitter's technical problems are coming from current and recently-departed employees who say teams that were responsible for managing Twitter's infrastructure have been gutted.
  • What to watch: Twitter may face bigger technical challenges as Musk tries to roll out new programs and features on the platform.
  • Musk himself doesn't seem worried about problems caused by sweeping changes to support teams and products.
  • Of note: Monday night, Musk announced a second delay of his top-priority new $8-a-month subscription plan that comes with a verified blue check.
Waves of layoffs and departures from Twitter last week led many users to fear the service might face a sudden crash of some kind, as hashtags such as #RIPTwitter and #TwitterDown trended in the U.S. [+4381 chars]