A history of ARM, part 2 Everything starts to come together

News Summary

  • Upper management at Apple was confused by this machine and quickly killed it, but Gavarini and Pittard kept beating the drum of ARM at internal presentations, showing impressive benchmarks when running LISP.LISP was a heavyweight language, and Apple was using it internally to test new graphical interfaces.
  • After he graduated in 1968, his first job was helping design England’s first transistor-based television.He joined Motorola in 1973 and was quickly promoted to sales engineer.
  • A few months after the first ARM chips had shipped, Acorn Computers' Steve Furber called a tech reporter and tried to get him to cover the story.
  • Daily MailAfter Motorola, Saxby joined a startup called ES2 that was trying to develop a new silicon chip manufacturing technology.
  • “We couldn’t imagine selling millions of these things.”The future looked bleak—until a representative from another computer company walked through the door.
  • If you’d been doing this, I’d have known.” Then he hung up.As Acorn struggled, Furber tried to imagine how the ARM chip could be spun off into a separate company.
Enlarge/ The Acorn Archimedes 3000, released in May 1989. 5 with 0 posters participatingThe story so far At the end of the 1980s, Acorn Computers was at a crossroads. A small team, led by Sophie [+4601 chars]