Rocket Report Long March 6A breaks apart after launch; SLS soars in debut

News Summary

  • At the end of 2022 a European rocket put the James Webb Space Telescope successfully into space, and 11 months later NASA's Space Launch System performed an on-target launch.
  • Canadian launch startup SpaceRyde revealed plans this week to launch four private commercial flights for ISILaunch, Space News reports.
  • The company does not yet have a launch license, but the aviation authority said it was in "very advanced stages" of granting the launch and range licenses.
  • Notably, Electron is the smallest rocket to launch a payload to the Moon, and its manufacturer, Rocket Lab, stressed the capabilities of the booster and its Photon upper stage to the maximum to send CAPSTONE on its long journey to the Moon.
  • This was a necessary step in the regulatory process, but not the final one, before Virgin Orbit can fly its Cosmic Girl aircraft from England and send its LauncherOne rocket into orbit.One step closer to launch ...
  • Spaceport Cornwall will be allowed to host the United Kingdom's first space launch after it was granted an operating license by the Civil Aviation Authority, BBC reports.
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