Taiwans APEC envoy at the center of processor chip tension

News Summary

  • That allowed smaller designers to compete with industry giants without spending billions of dollars to build a factory.TSMC has grown into the biggest chip producer, supplying Apple Inc., Qualcomm Inc. and other customers and turning Taiwan into a global tech center.
  • But they need components and technology from the United States, Europe and Asian suppliers — especially Taiwan, the biggest chip exporter.Huawei, China’s first global tech brand, designs chips but needs TSMC and other contractors to make them.
  • Their foundries need American manufacturing technology, which gives Washington leverage to disrupt Chinese high-tech industry.Processor chips are China’s biggest import at $300 billion a year, ahead of oil.
  • He was re-appointed to the same job in 2018, 2019 and 2020 by President Tsai Ing-wen.“Taiwan’s semiconductor industry, especially TSMC, plays a pivotal role in the domestic and even the world economy,” Tsai told reporters on Oct. 20.
  • American officials say Huawei is a security threat and might enable Chinese spying, an accusation the company denies.Most of the world’s smartphones and other consumer electronics are assembled in Chinese factories.
  • “At this important moment, Chang is an irreplaceable candidate to serve as the representative of our country’s APEC leaders.”Britain’s trade minister, Greg Hands, said London wants closer cooperation with Taiwan on semiconductors during a visit this month.
By JOHNSON LAI and JOE McDONALD Associated PressTAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) Taiwans envoy to a gathering of AsiaPacific leaders is the 91yearold billionaire founder of a computer chip manufacturing gi [+6622 chars]