Toyota shows new Prius hybrid with more power, range, style

News Summary

  • Read said electric vehicles and fuel-cell models were better solutions against climate change than hybrids.
  • The Prius models have always served as a kind of bridge to a time when there are more charging stations for EVs, said Brinley, who believes the new Prius stacks up better against hybrids and plug-ins from Hyundai, Kia, Ford and Jeep.
  • The fifth-generation Prius hybrid models will go on sale this winter first in Japan then the U.S. A plug-in version will hit the market next year, according to Toyota Motor Corp. Prices were not announced.
  • The Prius, which first went on sale in 1997, switches back and forth between a gasoline engine and electric motor to deliver a cleaner drive than the models with regular combustion engines.
  • Simon Humphries, senior general manager of Global Toyota design who unveiled the car in Tokyo on Wednesday, stressed that the company was still defying the skeptics who keep asking how much longer the Japanese automaker will stick with hybrids in a rapidly electrifying industry.
  • Toyota has cumulatively sold more than 20.3 million hybrid vehicles, including Prius cars, around the world so far.
By YURI KAGEYAMA and TOM KRISHER AP Business WritersTOKYO (AP) The new Toyota gaselectric Prius hybrid not only comes with more power, acceleration and driving range. Its also more stylish, scra [+5262 chars]