TuSimple cofounders clapback, consolidation continues and Waymo reaches two milestones

News Summary

  • For example, take this week’s merger of Ouster and Velodyne — two lidar companies that separately went public via special purpose acquisition companies.Under this all-stock transaction, both Ouster and Velodyne will maintain a 50% stake in the new company.Why are lidar companies sucked up into this wave of consolidation?
  • Nearly one third of that loss ($135.7 million) was due to the shutdown of Argo AI, which Lyft had a small stake in.Rivian affirmed that the company is on track to hit its annual production target of 25,000 vehicles despite unpredictable supply chain crunches and component shortages.
  • Foxconn will also have the right to two board seats.Kyte, the rental car delivery startup founded in 2019, raised $60 million in Series B round led by InterAlpen Partners, whose founder, Stephen George is joining Kyte’s Board.
  • The investigation is apparently focused on TuSimple’s relationship with Hydron, a hydrogen-powered trucking company led by Chen and backed by Chinese investors.Waymo reached two milestones this past week.The company opened up its fully driverless ride-hail service in downtown Phoenix to the general public.
  • I found that this gave me greater visibility of my peripherals — having my left foot in front of my right on a traditional kick scooter meant I could see to my right quite well, but had less range of motion to look over my left shoulder.
  • Prop 30 would have taxed residents making more than $2 million a year to subsidize electric cars and public charging stations as well as funded wildfire prevention programs.Tesla opened up its EV connector design to automakers and suppliers.
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