GoFreight raises $28M to become the Shopify of freight forwarding

News Summary

  • GoFreight is currently working with partners to build a network that connects customers with freight forwarders, and freight forwarders with carriers.GoFreight also provides a digital payment solution, since most payments were done by paper checks.
  • For example, if a customer wants to ship three containers from Shanghai to Los Angeles, freight forwarders need to check with overseas agents who are also freight forwarders.
  • Some don’t even use ERP systems; instead, they work off of spreadsheets or pen-and-paper systems.On the backend, GoFreight’s software has sales, operating and accounting tools, so when customers have an inquiry, freight forwarders can enter it into their system and then come back with a quotation.
  • GoFreight’s goal is to empower traditional freight forwarders to stay competitive with the same quality of technology that Flexport has.“A freight forwarding business is about how to ship cargo from point A to point B.
  • So in the last month of my six month period, I decided to give it an opportunity, bought a ticket for three months to go to LA and spend time with the first 10 freight forwarders, learning how they do business with software.
  • The system analyzes performance for top customers and overseas agents, uncovering hidden fees so freight forwarders have a better understanding of the real cost of a shipment.
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