In brutal drought, Kenyan herders look for hope underground

News Summary

  • Climate change is making drought more likely but, as in much of the continent, people in East Africa and the Horn of Africa lack the resources to tap groundwater on a wide and efficient scale.
  • “Millions of people don’t have enough safe, clean water to meet their daily needs, let alone face the climate crisis,” said Tim Wainwright the chief executive of WaterAid in the United Kingdom.
  • “Drought ravages all living things.”___Follow AP’s climate and environment coverage at Press climate and environmental coverage receives support from several private foundations.
  • They hit water and the jubilant young men broke into song, a traditional call to their cattle and camels.Harnessing Eastern Africa’s groundwater could be a huge benefit for a region struggling to slake its thirst.
  • Lekoomet never returned.In the coastal cities of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania in 1997, and in Cape Town in South Africa in 2017, drought led people to use groundwater.
  • The U.N. says that, despite concerns about groundwater, the continent’s resources are largely unaffected by climate change.
ARCHERS POST, Kenya (AP) Letoyie Leroshi walked for five days hunting water. After three years of drought in Samburu County, Kenya, the riverbeds were bonedry. Then Leroshi found a patch of wettis [+4333 chars]