BidenXi summit What Biden wants, what Xi wants

News Summary

  • “We’ve just got to figure out where the red lines are and what are the most important things to each of us, going into the next two years.”The U.S. president will want to send a message to Xi on White House concerns about China’s economic practices.
  • Don’t expect a cheery joint statement, either.During President Joe Biden’s highly anticipated meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday, the leaders will be circling each other to game out how to manage a relationship that the U.S. has determined poses the biggest economic and military threat.
  • That has strained relations with Washington, Europe and China’s Asian neighbors, but Xi is unfazed and looks set to be more ambitious abroad.The meeting is “an important event of China’s head-of-state diplomacy toward the Asia Pacific,” said a foreign ministry spokesman, Zhao Lijian.
  • Here’s a look at what each side is hoping to achieve out of the leaders’ first in-person encounter as presidents, to be held on the island of Bali in Indonesia: FOR THE UNITED STATESEssentially, Biden and other U.S. officials are trying to understand where Xi really stands.
  • “We believe that, of course, every country in the world should do more to prevail upon Russia, especially those who have relationships with Russia, to end this war and leave Ukraine,” said U.S. national security adviser Jake Sullivan.
  • At the same time, U.S. officials have repeatedly stressed that they see the two countries’ interactions as one of competition — and that they want to avoid conflict.
By SEUNG MIN KIM and JOE MCDONALD Associated PressPHNOM PENH, Cambodia (AP) There wont be concessions from the U.S. side. No real deliverables, which is governmentspeak for specific achievements [+7082 chars]