Republicans tout benefits of fossil fuels at climate talks The Associated Press en Espaol

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  • “I think we need to decide as a world: Do we hate greenhouse gas emissions or do we hate fossil fuels,” said Curtis, who is known for founding the Conservative Climate Caucus.
  • Satelites show the powerful greenhouse gas leaking from equipment at every stage of production.“To solve the climate crisis we have to stop emitting carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere,” said Jonathan T. Overpeck, dean of the University of Michigan School for Environment and Sustainability.
  • “Burning fossil fuels releases greenhouse gases that are causing temperatures to rise rapidly, and this is the major contributor to the global warming we are experiencing,” she said in an email.
  • The comments echo industry efforts in recent years to separate carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels in public perception.
  • This, Graves argued, would make fossil fuels “an arrow in the quiver as we try to address our objectives of energy affordability, reliability, cleanliness, exportability and security of supply chain.”House Republicans’ views are likely to become more important given the expected turnover of the House to Republican control.
  • “It’s not the same thing.”Like Curtis, Rep. Garret Graves, R-La., suggested fossil fuels can be a form of clean energy, if only the carbon released by extracting and burning them could be captured and stored safely.
SHARM ELSHEIKH, Egypt (AP) Members of a Republican Congressional delegation took the stage at this years U.N. climate talks Friday to tout the benefits of fossil fuels a bold move at a meeting thats [+5393 chars]