China reports 10,000 new virus cases, capital closes parks

News Summary

  • Many said coworkers who fell ill received no help and working conditions were unsafe.Also last week, people posted outraged comments on social media after a 3-year-old boy, whose compound in the northwest was under quarantine, died of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • President and ruling Communist Party leader Xi Jinping is expected to make a rare trip abroad next week, but has given little indication of backing off on a policy the party has closely associated with social stability and the avowed superiority of his policies.
  • Or, restrictions could persist much longer if the government continues to reject the notion of living to learn with a relatively low level of cases that cause far fewer hospitalizations and deaths than when the pandemic was at its height.
  • The U.S. Embassy this week renewed its advisement for citizens to avoid travel to and within China unless absolutely necessary.“It has become normal, just like eating and sleeping,” said food service worker Yang Zheng, 39.
  • Lockdowns in Guangzhou and elsewhere were due to end by Sunday, but authorities have repeatedly extended such restrictions with no explanation.Chinese leaders promised Thursday to respond to public frustration over its severe “zero-COVID” strategy that has confined millions to their homes and severely disrupted the economy.
  • In order to enter office buildings, shopping malls and other public places, people are required to show a negative result from a virus test taken as often as once a day.
BEIJING (AP) Chinas capital Beijing has closed city parks and imposed other restrictions as the country faces a new wave of COVID19 cases.Elsewhere, more than 5 million people were under lockdown [+4550 chars]