Ordergroove picks up $100M to grow ecommerce subscriptions as a service

News Summary

  • The focus is not subscriptions per se, he said, “It’s lifetime value.”The funding is technically being described as “over” $100 million in equity, and it is being led by Primus Capital, with other investors in the round not being disclosed.
  • Put simply, it’s crunch time.The arrival and two-year nadir of the Covid pandemic saw a boom in online spending as people stayed away from in-person commerce, leading to a lot of exuberant projections for how “we wouldn’t be going back” to the days of brick-and-mortar.
  • Voice interfaces — something else that Alvo talked about in 2017 — are still part of the product vision, but they are now about creating easier ways to repeat purchase (as you do with subscriptions).“How do we get people to buy products again?
  • And perhaps more notably given the slowdown in e-commerce activity, he said that gross merchandise value on the platform is growing at a rate of 60% today, which was the same as during the pandemic.“Customer growth rates are the same as they were 10-18 months ago,” he told me.
  • We think there will be more of these non-shopping cart based experiences in next five years.”And he predicts will be anchored in subscription buying, which is expected to reach $1 trillion in sales by 2026, according to the company.
  • “The Ordergroove team has built an industry-leading platform to help brands build more sustainable revenue streams—and to scale in response to consumer demand.
Amazon has mastered the concept of subscriptions in ecommerce. Primebased memberships, and the ability to set up recurring purchases for everyday items, have been central to how it drums up repeat [+6204 chars]