Edmunds Best EVs with the longest driving range

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  • It currently dominates Edmunds EV range leaderboard by driving a very impressive 505 miles in Edmunds’ real-world test, proving that electric cars can go the distance.But its driving range isn’t the only impressive number.
  • EPA-estimated driving range: 358 milesStarting price: $59,1902022 FORD MUSTANG MACH-E CALIFORNIA ROUTE 1The Mach-E offers an Extended Range model that provides the longest driving ranges.
  • EPA-estimated driving range: 324 milesStarting price: $85,0952022 TESLA MODEL 3 LONG RANGEThe Model 3 Long Range is the smallest and most affordable EV on this list.
  • EPA-estimated driving range: 314 milesStarting price: $64,875EDMUNDS SAYS:If the EVs above are over your budget, there are more affordable options with slightly shorter driving ranges.
  • Mercedes says the EQS can charge from 10% to 80% battery capacity in 31 minutes with a powerful enough fast charger.EPA-estimated driving range: 350 milesStarting price: $103,360 2022 BMW IX XDRIVE50The iX is BMW’s first electric SUV and the only luxury SUV on this list.
  • If you take it on a road trip, Lucid says the Air can add up to 300 miles of range in just 20 minutes using an appropriate public DC fast charger.
Driving range is one of the most important factors for most shoppers in the market for an electric vehicle. The term range anxiety has been synonymous with EVs for most of their existence, but that s [+4539 chars]