Trouble brews at Arrival, TuSimple ousts its CEO and Cruise expands in San Francisco

News Summary

  • But these fail to point out the environmental and economic benefits micromobility bring to cities.For example, Lime recently gave its scooter data to German research institute Fraunhofer ISI, and the organization found that shared e-scooters help reduce carbon emissions within city transportation networks.
  • You also can send a direct message to @kirstenkorosecSo much of the conversation surrounding shared micromobility in cities has a negative valence.Coverage often focuses scooter crashes, the devices parked haphazardly on the sidewalk and the congestion of too many scooter operators.
  • Queensland Economic Advocacy Solutions supported these findings and found Neuron’s estimated economic contribution to Brisbane’s economy could rise to $160.5 million by 2026 to 2027.You’re reading an abbreviated version of Micromobbin’.
  • Morale in parts of the company, writes reporter Peter Campbell, has sunk to “rock bottom.”Fisker raised its manufacturing forecast two weeks before its first electric vehicle, the Ocean SUV, enters production.
  • He will remain its sole board member and president.TuSimple co-founder Xiaodi Hou was fired from his CEO, president and CTO posts by the autonomous trucking company’s board.
  • Users are being inundated with push notifications highlighting ads from other founder George Hotz said he is taking “some time away” from the driver assistance system startup that promises to bring Tesla Autopilot-like functionality to your car.
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