After 40 million app downloads, PhotoRoom raises $19 million

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  • But then users have been looking for a background to put the object back in front of a template,” co-founder and CEO Matthieu Rouif told me.With a text prompt, PhotoRoom will generate a marketing product photo based on your object.
  • A flat photo becomes a multi-layer images, which means that users can delete the photo background, blur it or replace it with something else entirely.
  • In particular, it helps you remove the background behind objects you are about to sell so that your photos look more professional.Balderton Capital is leading the Series A round with angels from Facebook, Hugging Face and Disney+ also participating.
  • There are 7 million monthly active users and hundreds of thousands of users pay a subscription fee to unlock all the features in the app.
  • More generic apps, such as Picsart also have background removal features.But PhotoRoom has focused on one niche in particular — small businesses reselling objects on eBay, Poshmark or Depop.
  • Existing investor Adjacent is also putting more money in the company.PhotoRoom isn’t the only app that helps you remove photo backgrounds.
French startup PhotoRoom has raised a $19 million Series A funding round. The company develops a popular photo editing app for ecommerce vendors and small businesses. In particular, it helps you rem [+2517 chars]