Cesspool or civility? Elon Musks Twitter at a crossroads

News Summary

  • The mercurial billionaire has said he won’t make major decisions about content or restoring banned accounts — such as that of former President Donald Trump — before setting up a “content moderation council” with diverse viewpoints.
  • The council, he later added, will include “the civil rights community and groups who face hate-fueled violence.” But experts have pointed out that Twitter already has a trust and safety advisory council to address moderation questions.
  • But Musk’s murky plans for Twitter — especially its content moderation, misinformation and hate speech policies — are raising alarms about where one of the world’s most high-profile information ecosystems is headed.
  • And even now there are pockets of funny, weird, nerdy subgroups on the platform that remain somewhat insulated from the messy and confrontational place it can appear to be if one follows too many hotheaded agitators.
  • Do their content moderation policies privilege one side or another?” Rainie said.
  • Musk also met with some civil rights leaders “about how Twitter will continue to combat hate & harassment & enforce its election integrity policies,” according to a tweet he sent Nov. 1.
By BARBARA ORTUTAY AP Technology WriterThe discourse was never all that civil on Twitter. The loudest voices have often drowned out softer, more nuanced takes. After all, its much easier to rage [+7967 chars]