Equipment thats designed to cut methane emission is failing

News Summary

  • But companies base their reported methane emissions on estimates, not actual measurements, another custom that the Inflation Reduction Act seeks to change.Climate scientists have shown, using satellite data, that methane emissions are often two or three times above what companies reported.
  • A spokeswoman said the company recognizes the impact of greenhouse gas emissions on the global climate and prioritizes concern for the environment.Sometimes, methane escapes because the equipment designed to contain it hasn’t been properly calibrated or maintained.
  • But the EPA, which is working with the administration on the law’s methane reduction program, has recommended technologies for reducing methane emissions.
  • That gas distribution network, which includes pipelines and compressor stations, is responsible for most methane emissions in the energy industry, said Antoine Halff, chief analyst at Kayrros, an energy analytics company.
  • The staffing it would take to continuously survey the nation’s 3 million miles of natural gas pipelines would likely be prohibitively expensive.Malfunctioning flares like the one Wilson found are also a major contributor to methane pollution.
  • Her camera, designed to detect hydrocarbons, had revealed what appeared to be a stream of methane — a potent climate-warming gas, gushing from the very equipment that is supposed to prevent such emissions.
By CATHY BUSSEWITZ AP Energy WriterAs Sharon Wilson pulled up to the BP site in Texas last June, production tanks towered above the windblown grass roughly 60 miles southeast of San Antonio. Cows [+9076 chars]