Musks past tweets reveal clues about Twitters new owner

News Summary

  • But that doesn’t mean he is equipped to run a social media platform with more than 200 million users, said Jennifer Grygiel, a Syracuse University professor who studies social media.
  • He had long mused about purchasing the platform before the $ 44 billion deal was finalized last week.Musk hasn’t detailed the changes he intends to make at Twitter, though he wasted no time in making widespread layoffs.
  • “This is not going to be pretty,” he said.Just days after purchasing Twitter Musk waded into yet another firestorm when he posted a link to an article advancing a bizarre conspiracy theory about the attack on the husband of U.S. Speaker Nancy Pelosi.
  • But he has said he wants to make Twitter a haven for free speech.
  • In one August 2018 tweet, for instance, Musk asserted that he had the funding to take Tesla private for $420 a share, although a court has ruled that it wasn’t true.
  • At times it’s pretty extreme,” Grygiel said.
By DAVID KLEPPER Associated PressHe may be good with rockets and electric cars, but dont turn to Elon Musk for public health predictions.Probably close to zero new cases in US too by end of Ap [+5686 chars]