Formula 1s Toto Wolff looks for fresh edge in 2023 through remote software

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  • . . and got the concept of the car not in the right place,” he said, referring to the design of its floor, which he has previously pointed to as the root of the team’s lackluster year.
  • In fact, Wolff said, the team has cut its emissions by nearly 90% in recent years.
  • We’re really working through the different parts of the organization, on testing obviously, production maintenance, wind tunnel, all these kinds of applications where we try to see where can be better . . .”Wolff chimed in separately to paint the bigger picture.
  • We see the different parts, and we see what can we do differently if we connect in real time, in addition to what we do maybe on trackside and in the back office.
  • “We won the championship eight times in a row,” he said, “but that is the past.” Mercedes, he continued, “just got the physics wrong .
  • (He finds this amusing, recounting to New Yorker writer Sam Knight how a young woman threw herself through the open window of his car to get her picture taken.
Toto Wolff, the 50yearold Austrian chief executive, team principal and partowner of the Mercedes Formula 1 team who was recently described by the New Yorker as someone who might breeze past you i [+4967 chars]