Analysis North Korea fired dozens of missiles. What now?

News Summary

  • The country’s military later said it lost track of the missile above waters between the Korean Peninsula and Japan and that there were no flyovers.For months, South Korean and U.S. officials have been expecting North Korea to test a nuclear bomb.
  • After that would come longer-range tests, including ICBMs, like the one fired from the capital area of Pyongyang on Thursday, or intermediate-range missiles like the ones that the North has sent hurtling over the Japanese archipelago in the past, deep into the Pacific.
  • That could mean the North has to do more to get the reaction it wants — but it also increases the possibility that Pyongyang could end up pushing South Korea too far.
  • Already there is growing discussion in Seoul about creating an indigenous nuclear program.North Korea observers have long sketched out the various levels Pyongyang uses to express its anger.
  • It would be the seventh such test, and be met with a push at the United Nations for even stronger sanctions.
  • That may then progress into shorter-range missile launches of the type seen Wednesday.
SEOUL, South Korea (AP) For days North Korean officials have raged over U.S.South Korean military drills, promising a violent response. That response came this week, when the North fired more than 2 [+5631 chars]