Misinformation and the midterm elections What to expect

News Summary

  • Fringe social media platforms where election misinformation spreads with impunity.Misinformation about the upcoming midterm elections has been building for months, challenging election officials and tech companies while offering another reminder of how conspiracy theories and distrust are shaping America’s politics.
  • “The single galvanizing narrative is that the 2020 election was stolen.”A look at key misinformation challenges heading into the 2022 election:MISLEADING CLAIMS ABOUT VOTINGPolitical misinformation often focuses on immigration, crime, public health, geopolitics, disasters, education or mass shootings.
  • Others vow to monitor the polls to prevent cheating, leading to concerns about intimidation and even the possibility of violence at election sites.Tech companies say they’ve implemented new policies and programs designed to ferret out misinformation.
  • That’s in addition to claims about dead people casting ballots, ballot drop boxes being moved or wild stories about voting machines.Trump, a Republican, attacked the legitimacy of the election even before he lost.
  • In Arizona, the choice of pens given to voters filling out ballots led to similarly preposterous claims.To avoid falling for a misleading claim, consult multiple sources including local election offices.
  • The platform, owned by a Chinese company called ByteDance, has created an election center to connect users with trustworthy information about elections and voting.
By DAVID KLEPPER Associated PressConspiracy theories about mail ballots. Anonymous text messages warning voters to stay home. Fringe social media platforms where election misinformation spreads w [+7943 chars]