Mozilla launches $35M venture capital fund for earlystage responsible startups

News Summary

  • While Heylogin confirmed Mozilla as an investor back in September, we now know that this represented one of the first three investments that Mozilla has made from its new fund.
  • It has also introduced a bunch of new privacy products in recent years, including a virtual private network (VPN) and an email-masking service.
  • Other sources of cash include subscriptions (VPN and email-masking), advertising, and donations from the public.This all takes us to today, with Mozilla now looking to extend its rake into the world of venture capital.
  • But with the Firefox web browser recently hitting version 100, it’s clear that Mozilla is still heavily reliant on its browser for income.
  • As far as we know, Mozilla Ventures is the first focused solely on responsible internet startups.
  • The organization makes around $500 million annually, the lion’s share arriving via a search engine partnership with Google.
It seems that every internet company and their dog have at least one venture capital (VC) arm under their wing, with the likes of Google Ventures (now GV), Microsoft Ventures (now M12), Salesforce Ve [+6780 chars]