GenZeros Frederick Teo on limitless opportunities in climate tech TechCrunch

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  • But I think there are a few things where we hope to be able to bring value to our partners, but the first one is a more considered view around how the carbon markets and developments around carbon are taking place around the world.
  • For very early-stage companies, say around the Series A or just before, we will work with different partners to be able to evaluate and deploy capital to support early-stage companies, but I think it’s important to understand why we need to do this.
  • These are the ones that are doing monitoring, reporting and verification of carbon project rating capabilities, to be able to improve the transparency, credibility and quality assurance in the carbon market space.
  • It is important for us to think about how to deploy capital in this space because obviously all of us are aware of the climate emergency, the fact that this is actually likely to be one of the most existentialist challenges of our generation.
  • We also have a very limited time to be able to achieve a significant amount of climate impact to be able to address the climate change challenge.
  • But it is vitally important, and I think therefore, there is space for many of us with varied interests to be able to tackled this climate crisis.
2050 is an important year for climate tech, with the Paris Agreement calling for emissions to reach net zero by then. In a conversation with GenZeros Frederick Teo for SOSVs Climate Tech Summit, we t [+11462 chars]