Flush with Series A funding, Daye unwraps the big gynae health mission

News Summary

  • None of the researchers she put the very same question knew the answer is her response.But lack of funding for women’s health — and an associated lack of belief there’s a large enough market for products solely addressing women — is the likely reason.
  • So I wanted to make a point when we were announcing this fundraise that it wasn’t easy for us — and I don’t think it’s easy for most gynaecological health companies — and that’s okay: It doesn’t matter how many nos you get, you get one yes.
  • We often think of gynaecologists as specialists because they specialist in female health but that’s a misnomer because female health is so broad.
  • (And, in a direct swipe at Goop, Milanova says that as part of the launch of the vaginal microbiome screening kit it will be offering a limited edition “Your Vagina Smells Fine” candle… So touché Paltrow.
  • The intention for us was always to deliver on a number of different areas of gynaecological health — not just changing the tampon so it serves people better and so it delivers pain relief.
  • vaginal discharge and make women more vulnerable to catching STIs… So it’s a truly vicious cycle women are being sold by all-too-many mainstream ‘femcare’ brands.Horrifyingly, perfumed tampons are actually a real thing that exists.
Talking to Valentina Milanova, the still just 28yearold founder of U.K. femtech Daye, is best described as an exhilarating experience. During our interview, she talks in and around her topic buil [+25345 chars]