Japan steps up push to get public buyin to digital IDs

News Summary

  • He told lawmakers in Parliament that the old health insurance cards will be phased out but the government will arrange for people to continue to use their public health insurance if they are paying into a health plan.
  • These people see digitization as a negation of their past work,” said Watanave, who spells his last name with a “v” instead of the usual “b.” The process of getting an existing My Number digitized is time consuming and very analog, it turns out.
  • Saeko Fujimori, who works in the music copyright business, said she’s supposed to get My Number information from the people she deals with, but many balk at giving it out.
  • Japan’s Minister of Digital Affairs, Taro Kono, acknowledged in a recent interview with The Associated Press that more is needed to persuade people of the benefits of going digital.“To create a digitized society, we need to work on developing new infrastructure.
  • Opponents of the change say the current system has been working for decades and going digital would require extra work at a time when the pandemic is still straining the medical system.
  • “They keep failing in anything digital and we have no memories of successful digital transformation by the government,” said Nobi Hayashi, a consultant and technology expert.
By YURI KAGEYAMA AP Business WriterTOKYO (AP) Japan has stepped up its push to catch up on digitization by telling a reluctant public they have to sign up for digital IDs or possibly lose access [+5538 chars]